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|Top Ten Tuesday| Top Ten Books I Read In 2014 + Announcement

I know, it's already Thursday but I'm going to do this kind of weekly meme anyway. Honestly I just realized that the Blogging in English Challenge is nearly over. I suppose I'm going to write a post about my thoughts and so on. But I wanted to say that I had so much fun and I hoped it doesn't bother when I tell you: I'm going to continue on blogging in English. I love this language so much and blogging in English really helps me to get better and better. But I'm not ready and not good enough to write only post in English. So I decided to write every second Wrap-up and at least one review a month in English. And I want to participate in this weekly meme, firstly to have a regular thing to blog about (even in reading slumps), secondly because I like this meme and thirdly because it will help me don't give up blogging in English. It would be awesome if you support me to do that. And maybe one day I'll be good enough to blog completely in English. That would be great.

But now: Time for TOP TEN TUESDAY!
TTT is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish.

Top Ten Books I Read In 2014

  Ich und die Menschen [Review] I really loved this book! I got it from publisher to give an honest review. I generally I think it's one of the most wonderful books I've ever read. Normally I don't read adult books, but this book was so heartwarming and unique. If you like good writing and unique character you should definitely check this one out.
ZweiundDieselbe [Review] I had to read this book for the TBR Reduction Challenge. Before this book was on my wish list for over 5 years and even when I finally bought it the book had to lie on my TBR. But I don't know why I kept it there for so long! I loved the story and the character! It was a really good read!
Love Letter to the Dead [Review] I also had to read this for the TBR Reduction Challenge. I normally don't like Contemporary books that much. But this book moved me and it made me was very emotional. Because of a personal experience I could understand Laurel so well. Loved this book! I know most people didn't like it, but you should give it a shot if you like books like Perks of being a wallflower.

The Demon King Holy Molly! I finished this book a few hours ago and it was just so amazing! I've been in a kind of fantasy mood lately and so I decided to pick this 500-page-monster up during a reading slump. And it worked! Although I had pretty much to do last week I managed it to finish this book. It was so thrilling and gripping and if you like Fantasy or you want to try this genre out, you should give this book a shot! Just loved it ♥
Pushing the Limits [Review] I'm one of those people who are like: "I don't like NA Erotic books because their characters are dump and the story line is always the same." or like "if there's no magic or a bad regime in a book it must be boring". But then I read this book and I ended up loving it. Although this cover looks very bad the story pretty surprised me. The characters were going through serious development and there were some thrilling background stories. If you want to read a good NA Erotic book (without actual erotic), try this one!
Throne of Glass [Review] WHY DID I WAIT UNTIL 2014 TO READ THIS???? This book was so freaking good! It was like a crazy Game of Thrones-Hunger Games-Fairy tale-assassin-love triangle mix up and it worked! I really enjoyed the strong female Kick-Ass Character and the well-done love triangle. And of course the incredible world-building!

Vicious [Review] I feel I say the same things again and again. But hey, Vicious is again a great book with really good character development and a very tricky story. I loved how everything was made and if you haven't read this book or a Schwab book at all you should give this a go.
Ignite me [Review] Of course this book is on this list. I mean, c'mon I've been talking about this book in every single post since I read it. I love the writing style. I love the storyline and how everything finally unravels. I love the ending. I love Warner. I love Ignite me. So: Read it!
Cruel Beauty [Review] Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairy tale of all the time (although there isn't a single adaption (neither film nor book) I've seen/read where I like the ending). So I read this book and really enjoyed it until page 294. Until page 294 I loved how the story goes. I think there's a really important message in this book: Even if you're a person full of hate and poison there will always be someone who loves you just the way you are. I like messages like that in books. And God, I LOVE THIS COVER! It's so incredibly beautiful! So if you like Beauty and the Beast and don't mind awful ending: THIS IS YOUR BOOK!

Cress [Review] I had some struggle picking up my favorite book of 2014. It was very difficult to name TEN, but to only name ONE....nearly impossible. I wanted to say Ignite me, because I'm talking about this book all the time, but I think this would be kind of an obvious choice and yeah,  Then I wanted to say The Demon King or Throne of Glass but although I loved both of them, there were some little things that bothered me. Finally, I get to choose CRESS! The Lunar Chronicles are my favorite series of all the time. (Sorry Shatter me...still love you but there's Adam in you..). I don't talk about this series too much I think *hahahah* *looks up how often she mentioned how badly she wanted Winter*. Okay, but the Lunar Chronicles are in generally a series I read and I feel like coming home. I feel familiar with the characters, I love the complexity and the actual story. I love every single character; even the bad ones are great! This series never disappointed me (so far) and for me the Lunar Chronicles are like my new Harry Potter kind of thing. (Because you know ...feelings and great series and stuff) So if you haven't read it, you definitely should! I love this series and Cress is my favorite book in it. LOVE! ♥ (CAN'T WAIT FOR WINTER!)

What are your top ten books you read in 2014?

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  1. Erst einmal finde ich es echt toll von dir, dass du es durchziehst weiterhin auf Englisch zu bloggen! Ich merke es auch, dass zwar mein Leserverständnis mittlerweile recht gut ist, aber wenn ich dann selbst etwas auf Englisch schreiben möchte, hakt es. Da muss ich dann ständig überlegen, welche Worte sind jetzt die richtigen etc. Mit regelmäßigem Bloggen in der Sprache wird das sicherlich besser!

    Dann zu deinen Highlights. Bei einigen kann ich mich anschließen. Ganz besonders bei "Vicious" und "Cress". Hach der "Demon King" subt schon ewig auf Deutsch, ich müsste echt mal, so begeistert wie du dich anhörst. Und "Cruel Beauty" ist noch auf der Wunschliste. Also wenn ich mich für ein Buch entscheiden müsste dieses Jahr, wäre es "Written in Red" von Anne Bishop. Gottseidank endlich endlich geht es weiter im März mit "The Others". *freu*

    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Dankeschön :)
      Ja, ich kenne das! Man versteht beim Lesen und auch bei Filmen, Serien, Booktubern oder ähnlich so ziemlich alles (mehr oder weniger xD)
      Aber beim schreiben fallen einen aufeinmal die leichtest Worte nicht ein...

      Jaaah, Cress und Vicious sind schon tolle bücher! Oh Ja! Du solltest das Buch dringend lesen! Ich werde so bald wie möglich die Rezension tippen ;)
      Das kenn ich gar nicht :0 Werd ich gleich mal nachschlagen ;)

      Liebe Grüße
      Kücki ♥