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|Influential Book Tag| Books that had an important impact on me...

Hey guys! Today I felt like blogging in English again, which I hope does not bother you too much. I was thinking about doing a tag again for a while now because I used to do them quite often but haven't done any these past months. Fortunately I discovered the Influential Book Tag this morning and suddenly felt like doing it myself. It's basically about talking about books which influenced you during your life. I have been a booklover for almost my entire life and I can't wait to show you some of the books which inspired me to be the person I am today.
I think everyone still remembers the first book he or she read entirely by herself/himself. For most of you it must have been Harry Potter, but for me, the first "real" book I encountered, was Tintenherz by Cornelia Funke. This is a special edition I got from my mum's book club when I was seven. I was so thrilled and couldn't wait to finally read it, although I just learned how to read simple words. Nevertheless I managed to read the entire book without any help, still it took me three months, but when I was finally done, I was incredibly proud of myself. After that, nothing was able to keep me from reading, and Tintenherz still has an important place in my heart.

After Tintenherz introduced me to the fantasy genre, I couldn't get enough of it. So I went to the library, and the book that was suggested to me became one of the biggest loves of my reading life: Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling. In no time I flew through the books, making myself a home in Hogwarts and finding friends in Harry, Hermione and Ron. Harry Potter shaped me incredible, teaching me important lessons, creating a place where I could dream and feel understood. And although it has been more than 10 years since I read the first book, Harry Potter still is my favorite series of all time. 

After I finished Harry Potter, I found it very hard to find other books that were able to intrigued me in the very same way, so I became an occasionally reader, reading now and then, but not sitting there every afternoon with a book in her hands. But then, when I reached sixth Grade, something changed: It was the time when I had to leave my old school to go on to the Gymnasium. I spent my entire childhood in this school, which actually felt more like home than my house, and I struggled leaving it behind. I felt like I wasn't ready to grow up and finally say goodbye to my childhood. During the summer holidays my favorite librarian gave me a trilogy to read, the Graceling Realm series. And while I enjoyed Graceling, Fire became a second home for me, just like Harry Potter once managed to be. Fire helped me to cope with the situation, helping me grow and become a teenager, leaving behind that funny girl I was when I lived in that thing called childhood. Fire still is one of my favorite books and the book that introduced me into the Fantasy Genre, which still is my favored genre and bookish home.
More than two years ago on a rainy 2nd of February I decided to write the very first post for my little newborn project, a blog called Kueckibooks. And couldn't decide what to share with you, what to write. Every introduction sounded hollow and fake, so I just bumped right into it and chose to be a little...forward, meaning: I randomly posted a review. My very first blog post was a five-star-review on Starters by Lissa Price. Back then, I just recently read the book and felt secure writing about it. And in that way this book became very important to me. Sadly not because of its unique story or great message, looking at it right now I'd never give this one 5 stars, but rather because it has a very strong connection to this blog, which I love more than stars could

At first my blog was very focused on German books, as I only read in this language. But then, one summer a few years ago, I decided to give reading in English a try, not knowing that it would become a long-lasting love. I randomly started with Love Letters to the Dead, which I had on my new kindle, so that I could look up words and mark certain things. I didn't know that it would be that amazing and fun to read in English, and so I just sticked with reading in this language, and today it's my favorite language to read in. I'm so glad that I dared to try reading in a language which is not my native one, and dearly thank Love Letter to the Dead for introducing me to it.

As I told you, from the very beginning I was living in the fantasy genre, and loved it. But when I started blogging, I also started to feel the desire to step out of my comfort zone to discover different genres and authors. Especially the historical fiction genre had a lot to offer, and since I had my first history lesson I kinda was fascinated by things that happened hundreds of years before I was born. So I just did some research and decided to start reading The Book Thief which is about a young girl who loves to read and lives during the Second World War. And it was beautiful, it shredded my soul and made me cry, but it also made me want to read more historical fiction, as it’s an emotional and unique way to get in touch with history.

We all know them: classics. In the last 11 years I read more than 15 classics for school and will still have to read at least 2 more until the Abitur. I didn't particularly mind, but wasn't too keen on reading them either. Until I discovered that classics can be a lot of fun too! The author convincing me that I could like, even love, classics, was no other than the famous Jane Austen! Sadly my copy of Pride and Prejudice at my friend's house right now, but also Sense and Sensibility is a great example on how good classics can be! Austens works are always full of wit and emotions and give me pleasure to read them. Since then I don't mind reading classics, moreover I want to read more of them and already started to discover amazing stories by doing so. 

I can't quite put my finger on it, but it was kinda important for me to feature this book in this list. Antonia Michaelis' books always were part of my reading live. I started with reading her children books and grew into her young adult and adult books, until I read almost all her works. It's something about her writing style that makes me feel home, like coming to my grandma to listen to another story. Michaelis books just live and breathe words. Every time I open them, I feel the promise of a great story blowing in my face and can't wait to dive right into the story. Also: she was the first author that answered my mail. When I was eleven I wrote her and she kindly answered me, which felt like the best thing ever and still makes me smile.

Last but not least: Das Phantom by Susan Kay. This book is just so special to me that I'm almost not able to put it into words. This was the book my mum used to read to me when I was younger (don't ask we are a strange family xD), this was the story I saw in countless movies I watched with my granny. This is the book that taught me so many important lessons. It taught me to see the life as a piece of art, and music as the most beautiful way to express it. It encouraged me to devote parts of my life to music and to feel inspired by life itself. It taught me that life is not always happy and beautiful, but that that is okay and you just have to keep going and try to make the most of the day. It also took me on several journeys across our planet and showed me the importance of travelling. It taught me that there are so many ideas spread around the world that you need to discover. So yeah, kind of a bookish companion. 

You might have seen that there is a book missing as there are only nine I mentioned. I think it wouldn’t feel right to chose a tenth book, because I think I just can’t name all the books that somehow influenced me and still stick to the task of only choosing ten. That’s why I leave the tenth place to every other book I’ve ever read, because I think there’s no book, be it bad or great, that doesn’t influence you. That is the beauty of reading books. Their all unique personalities and you can’t possibly meet them without being changed.

Sooo…I hope I did not bore you and it was okay for you that I was posting in English (again). I know that I’m far from being perfect, but I love to play with the language and discover the written English word through writing it. Added to that, I think it’s the only way to improve my skills, so corrections are very welcome :)

Everyone wanting to tell me about their influential books is welcome to feel tagged, but I would love for Jule, Jasi and Sanne to write about the books which influenced them. 

What book did have an important impact on YOU?

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  1. oh kücki, mein englisvh lesen fing durch dich an, und zwar auch mit loveletters to the dead, als du mich besuchen kamst. nur lese ich sehr wenig in dieser sprache, leider.

    mit antonia michaelis, das durften wir ja bereits feststellen, geht es mir genau gleich. ich habe aber zum glück noch das ein oder andere buch von ihr zu lesen.


  2. Liebe Kücki,
    ganz toll auf Englisch zu lesen von Dir! Eine wunderschöne Zusammenstellung von prägenden Büchern. Fantasy ist nicht so meins aber Harry Potter hat auch micj geprägt. Wie lustig übrigens mein erstes englisches Buch ist ebenfalls 'love letters to the dead'. Da haben Mara, du und ich wohl was gemeinsames. Meine erste Rezension habe ich erst vor einer Woche verfasst, wäre toll würdest du voreischauen!
    Alles Liebe, Anaïs