Dienstag, 7. Oktober 2014

|Blogging in English| Seriously, Kücki...What's wrong with you?

Hello friends/guys/stalkers/whoever!

Yeah, you're are right here. I'm Kücki and this is my blog Kueckibooks. In English. Yeah, I know, I used to write in German and to read in German. But...You may now, that I fall in love with the English language since I stopped thinking of school English. So when I started to read in English, and to watch TV shows in English....yeah, I started liking English. But you know, although a LOT of german BookTuber and BookBlogger used to read in English...but, like me, they're a bit afraid of blogging in English, because they think their English is too bad or too simple or whatever. So Christine, a very nice german BookBlogger, got the idea to try out Blogging in English. I saw this ....yeah, sort of "challenge-thing" and I thought : "Oh Yeah, this is a great idea!" but then I was not confident enough to try it. However, two days later a lot of BookBlogger presents Christines idea on their blogs...and they said that they also want to try this. Because....honestly: Who cares about our grammar? Who cares about how many mistakes we're going to make or if we're going to write in a very simple English? No one, because this is a challenge to improve your English skills and to have fun. And so I decided to participate too.

Yeah...what you have to know about this challenge?

During the next three month, from first of october to the 31thst of december, I'm going to write some common post, like Wrap-ups, Book Hauls or, if I think I can manage it, I'm also going to write some reviews in English. Whatever I wanted to write, but the minimum is three posts in this entire periode of time. 

So...what do you think about this idea? Do want to participate, too?

I think I'm going to have a lot of fun. I know my English isn't perfect, but I like this language so much, and I think I only can turn better during this challenge.

Maybe you have some ideas, which kind of posts I should/could write in English. What would you like to read? I'm so excited to start this challenge! So let my know what your thoughts are!

7 Kommentare:

  1. Hey Kücki :)
    I really, really like this idea and I´m happy that so many to this challenge. I do it too and I hope we can improve our english.
    It´s just for fun and so it isn´t bad if we make mitsakes.
    Many greetings,

    1. Hey Jana :)

      Yeah, I totally agree with you! I saw your first English Post a few days ago and that makes me feel like I also want to write something in English :D
      Yes, I also hope so :)

      Lots of Love
      Kücki ♥

  2. Heeey :)

    I am soooo excited that you finally decided to participate, too. This is gonna be sooo much fun! Amd you are so right, I don't know what I'd do without all the faster and earlier releases of series and books in English. I just absolutely love it! <3

    We are gonna have soo much fun! :) So, good luck! :)

    Kind regards,
    Nicole :)

    PS: I already typed a Quicki about If I Stay but I'm gonna try typing a real review.. ;)

    1. Hey Nicole :)

      Thank you, I'm very excited, too :)
      I hope so, but hey, I mean, it's English and we're such a cool group of participants, that has to be great!
      Oh yeah, that's such an great advantage!

      Thank you!

      Lots of Love
      Kücki ♥

      P.S: Oh, I'm gonna read it soon!

  3. Hey Kücki :)

    I actually wanted to write you bevor this, but now I'll just shortly but my senf here :P I think, it's a really cool "challenge" and your English sounds very good! :D Have fun AND have fun on the FBM! ;)

    Regards, Amina :)

    1. Hey Amina :)

      Oh I'm so happy about your comment, feel free to do it again whenever you want :D I like your "senf" xD
      Thank you, I'm trying not to make that bad mistakes :D

      Oh yeah, the FBM was a great experience! What a pity you couldn't come, but maybe I'll have the chance to met you somewhere else :)

      Lots of Love
      Kücki ♥

    2. Hey :)

      Oh, your so nice *-*
      Well, me too...? But yeah xD

      Happy to hear that :) Yes, Mara told me about your "plan" ;)

      Lots of Love (-> haha, it isn't correct to write "love" big, isn't it? :D But yes, it's nicer! :D)

      ps: Aww, your English really sounds very fluently in my ears!